We have a vision and mission to develop the health services sector and upgrade it in a unique way that complies with international professional standards.
The patients’ and visitors’ comfort is a priority for the Center; therefore, it adopts world-class systems that meet the international regulations affording ease of movement in the Center, time efficiency, while maintaining all standards related to medical and administrative services.
Our Vision
We aim to play a leading role in developing and boosting health care through the provision of convenient, efficient, and affordable medical services compatible with international standards of care and clinical excellence, while at the same time preserving the patients’ rights and dignity.
Our Mission
Providing integrated, patient-centered health services with the full care of the doctor, reflecting positive experiences and outstanding medical outcomes. We strive to be the best center for medical diagnosis, by adhering to high standards of care and service delivered through a committed, motivated, and innovative medical team.
Contact information: +961 71 786 787
E-mail: NABIH.FARRAH@gmail.com